Our wide array of products caters to every customer need and want. Maida is finely milled and refined wheat flour that finds extensive application in Indian bakery products and food items. It resembles cake flour in appearance. Sooji is a very gritty, coarse type of flour, usually made from wheat however the term is also applied to maize. Our hygienically manufactured products are renowned for high quality and rich taste. The use of modern technology ensures that products of the finest atta are served on your table every day.

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Flour analysis done for customer delight

Lab Terminology Meaning How does it Help U
Particle size 100% sample material should pass through 180 micron sieve Better miscibility & no lump formation. Optimum dough strength & water absorption
Pelkerstest Tests colur of maida Helps decide suitability for application
Water Absorbtion % water the flour can take More Water intake means more volume thus yield
Wet Gluten percentage uten test with water addition Indication of protein % & quality
Dry Gluten percentage luten test in Oven Re establishes the content of Gluten
Sedimentation Value (SV) Shows Strength of Gluten Quality of Gluten
Ash content % Bran in wheat flour Measures % of Bran in flour that is not visible to the normal eyes
Acid insoluble Ash Shows the % of inorganic particles like sand in Maida Inorganic particles causes health hazards
Falling Number Enzyme activity in flour Higher the Alpha amylase activity better starch hydrolysis
Maltose Value Available sugar for yeast. Affected both by milling process and enzyme activity Value has to be optimum. High Maltose value makes the wheat sticky , reduces machinability (Slicing) of Bread

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